Rachel is one of the bright, young rising stars in our business. She's smart. She works hard at her craft. She is respected by players, coaches, and other members of the media. I always enjoy having Rachel on my show because, quite simply, she knows her stuff.

Tony Barnhart
The CBS Sports Network

Rachel is hardwired for our business. She pursues "the story" because of her raw passion to win. She gets it right because she cares. She's like that proverbial drip that can wear a hole in a rock. I'd want her on my team!

Spencer Tillman
Lead Studio Analyst CBS Sports

Captivating, authentic and professional, Ms. Baribeau transcends layers to pull out the story-behind-the-story. Any Fortune 500 would be lucky to work with such a talented professional.

Sam Dawkins
Aflac Manager, Marketing

Rachel has a boundless energy and passion for sports journalism that is both impressive and infectious. For her, stardom in her chosen field is an inevitability, not a possibility.

Pat Forde
Yahoo! Sports

Rachel is a great person to work with. She shows up with a great attitude every day and is as pleasant to be around as anyone you will ever meet. But when she gets her teeth into a story, you find that she is also part pit bull: she keeps digging and working at it until she gets answers. Simply put, Rachel Baribeau is a multimedia sports journalist.

Tommy Deas
Sports Editor, Tuscaloosa News

It didn't take long for me to realize Rachel is the total package: passionate, hard-working, caring. She searches for not only the truth, but the good in all of us. I'm glad our paths crossed and look forward to more conversations in the future.

Jim Trotter
Sports Illustrated Senior Writer

Rachel is one of the most prepared, passionate, well-informed and insightful guests I have ever had on my show in over 15+ years on the air. Her weekly segment is easily the most anticpated on the show by my listeners and I have never had a guest that elicits numerous marriage proposals as Rachel does each week.

John Lund
Talk Show Host, Sports Director and former ESPN Program Director

Coach Rachel

  • Do you have a future in broadcasting?
  • Are you lost on how to get started, who to contact, what say, or how to dress?

Congratulations, you have come to the right place. Rachel is an active Sportscaster that has trail-blazed her way through a ten-year career in the sports industry, and she loves giving back by coaching young aspiring Broadcasters. Wherever you are in your journey, Rachel can help you. She would love to see you achieve all of your dreams.

These are just some areas that Rachel can help you with:

  • Identify your dreams and make a clear plan with steps on how to get there.
  • Create or review an existing reel for future employment.
  • Overcome the fear of "going for it" and work through roadblocks that may be in your way.
  • Wardrobe consulting for professional and personal endeavors.
  • Harness the power of social media for brand enhancement.
  • Build from scratch your brand or repair existing branding.
  • Go to work with Rachel and shadow her as she preforms one of her media tasks.
  • Motivate you to sail boldly towards your dreams with emails, texts, calls, in-person meetings or Skype sessions.

Sneak Preview


Britton Lynn

Rachel is a diamond in the rough, who takes time to give a thorough explanation as to the best way to approach interviews, press conferences and the biggest fear of all female broadcasters--going into a locker room for the first time. Rachel sat down with me before I conducted my first interview with a professional athlete and gave me constructive criticism on how I could provide my audience with an even better interview.
In working with Rachel what you'll learn is that she truly cares about the athletes and coaches that she interviews, as well as the other female broadcasters she's trying to help along the way. Rachel's been the only sportscaster to hold my hand as I travel throughout the sports broadcasting industry helping me with everything from the appropriate work attire, the best way to ask a question and most importantly helping me find my niche in the hectic fast-paced television industry.
I'm so thankful for the help that respected and experienced Rachel Baribeau has provided me along the way. I would highly encourage other girls to come to Rachel for advice when entering into this industry.

Amanda Kuhl

As a young aspiring sideline reporter, I had the opportunity to learn from the best, The ACC Network's Rachel Baribeau. What started as a shadowing experience turned into an invaluable learning experience. Rachel immediately became a mentor to me.
After only one day on the sidelines of Heinz Field with Rachel, she shared more advice and tips with me than I could have learned in an entire semester in the classroom. Her best advice was that you can never be too prepared. Rachel was indeed prepared for every situation that could have taken place on the field that day, and had a story to go along with it. Rachel took the time to answer every question I asked.
It did not take long for me to see Rachel's passion for what she does; her energy is contagious. There is no better person in the business from whom to learn. Rachel's talent, professionalism, and desire to share her knowledge and help other broadcasters succeed is what is sets her apart from other reporters.


Rachel Baribeau was so much fun to work with. I greatly admire how passionate she is about her work and how steadfast in her faith she seems to be. We started the game off by praying together, which was the most meaningful part of the day. I learned so much in just a few short hours from working with her. She covered the tiniest, seemingly insignificant, details that can make a huge impact on how the day goes: from the proper shoes to wear on the sideline to how to keep your hair in place for a long day. I learned a lot from her preparation, including making note cards with every important player and feature story and tracking down key players’ locations before the game begins.
In addition, she explained in-depth the crucial role a sideline reporter plays in a broadcast: being the eyes on the field and seeing what the producers in the booth are unable to see. She taught me the importance of making suggestions if there is the potential for a good story and which teams’ coach to interview when. I was also extremely impressed by her hard work and kind demeanor with everyone she interacted with.

Rebecca Cade

If I ever need advice, or critique, she is the first person I'll turn to, and she takes the time to get back to me. That is pretty dang hard to find these days. So I am just incredibly, ridiculously, insanely blessed to have a woman like her in my life. Also, she is my "style-spiration." I am in local television, so wearing something really 'out there' is almost unheard of. However, seeing what she wears on the sideline has me trying new things, and so far they have worked out!

Kylie McGoldrick

I was given the chance to work with one of the most passionate, hardworking, and faith driven sideline reporters the world of sports has to offer. Rachel Baribeau not only does an amazing job giving the fans what they want to hear, but she also is a great teammate for anybody working with her. Being able to shadow a confident woman who lets prayer control her words and her heart control her work, was an experience of a lifetime.
As soon as I arrived to the field that morning, Rachel’s bright personality quickly welcomed me. We headed down to the field and the preparations began. Practice makes excellence and it was easy to see that she did her homework. The abundant amount of information Rachel knew going into this game proves the passion she has for her job. One of the most impressing characteristics of Rachel is her genuine personality. No matter how busy she is, asking her camera crew if they need water happens several times per quarter. She always wants her staff to have everything they need, be comfortable and most of all to be happy. Working with Rachel was everything I could have hoped for.

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